Compliments a Therapist Has Received: A Compilation

These are just a few compliments received from other therapists from a facebook forum I follow on Massage:

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“Massage has an angel and her name is ___.”

“You have a healing touch, your going to go far in this business this is exactly what you were meant to do.”

“On my tip envelope my client wrote ‘ahhhh-mazing’.”

“I was doing a Swedish massage and came across a trigger point on a man’s pectoral muscles, which I worked a bit. He said, “I’ve been having that pain for months. My doctor told me it was anxiety and prescribed me Zoloft.”(I told him about trigger points, but I told him he should run it by his doctor, of course.) He said, “Thank You. You just confirmed that I’m not going crazy.”

“I am so grateful that you came into my life. I know I am not always positive but your voice rings in my head all of the time. I just want you to know how much you mean to me.”

“Because of you I was able to walk around the baseball fields did my grandson’s game. You also kept me from having back surgery. ”

“Your hands are amazing! You are deep but also relaxing.”

“How can someone so tiny be so strong?” … “Tiny but mighty”

“You saved my life.” That after I spotted a skin cancer on the back of her leg.

“A client told me she didn’t need pain killers after seeing me. It made my week!”

A client said once that my massage should should be in a museum..because it’s a work of art.

“You’re the cheese on the pizza!”

“You have magic hands”

“Your massage felt like you cared.”

“Wow, it’s over already? That was the fastest hour!”

“Thanks to you my life is so much better! I can get around without pain now! Thank you so much!”

I had a female client tell me that if she was a cat she would be purring.

That was the best massage I’ve EVER had in my life and I’ve been getting massages for a LONG time!

“You should have a bucket for under the face rest for drooling.”

“Sorry I drooled on your floor.”

“I can tell you love what you do.”

“When I am a millionaire, I will hire you to give me a massage everyday!”

“You’re irreplaceable.”

“I think I am massage drunk!”
For local Louisiana residents, be sure to check out my client reviews!


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